Keith F. Houston

Keith F. Houston - Author, Cybercrime Attorney, Amateur Musician

Mitch O'Connor wants to clean up politics. With the help of Shelby Powell, Keith Solomon, Sofie Salazar, and others, he wants to pass a new constitutional amendment making politicians less reliant on donors and more responsible to their constituents. Various forces in the world of campaign financing unite behind Raymond Wisler to try and defeat the amendment. Follow Mitch and his friends through an adventure into the American political system where they experience both the best and the worst the system has to offer.


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The Next Amendment

Keith's Bio

Keith grew up in Nevada and Utah and spent 20 years working in the casino industry before moving to Texas for Law School. For the past 10 years he has worked as a prosecutor and now specializes in prosecuting cybercrime. Keith is politically active. He ran for Congress in 2012 on the Green Party ticket and explored running for an appeals court bench as a Democrat in 2020.  Keith is happily married with two children. Keith has several writing projects that he works on periodically. His first book, The Next Amendment, started as a law school paper on different election systems. The Atlantis Abduction was an idea that went from thought to print in less than six months. Keith hopes to finish another book in 2021-22. 

Jonah is shipwrecked in the Caribbean with his fourteen year old twin sister Jesse. They are rescued by teenagers from Atlantis but soon learn that many people in Atlantis think the twins shouldn't have been rescued. Many want them banished from the secret Atlantis society. Jonah and Jesse adapt to their new world while trying to show that they belong in a society that doesn't trust outsiders.


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The Atlantis Abduction